Set Break Rules


  1. Your slot is not reserved until you complete the check out process. We offer payment through various forms, including Paypal. 
  2. Each slot you purchase is for one random card from that particular set. You are guaranteed to receive one card from the set, for each slot you purchase
  3. All of our set breaks are completely random. We will do the break live on our facebook page. The card numbers stay the same, we do not random those. To match up customers with their card, we will roll two dice ( we will re-roll on anything under a 3 for the dice roll ) and then random the list as many times as the dice finished at. We will then match up the list with the card numbers. The updated list will be available on our facebook page, the item page on our website, and the video on youtube immediately after the break.
  4. We guarantee every break to be completed. If necessary, if we have not been able to sell out, we reserve the right to purchase the rest of the spots in a break. Please keep in mind this is our last resort. We only reserve the right to do this to not drag on trying to sell out a break for an abnormal amount of time. We hope to never have to do this. 


Please join our facebook group where the live video feed will be.

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