1970 Topps Football HIGH GRADE Set Break - With a Gem Mint 10 card!!!

$5.25 $8.50
Our first football release is here.. and not only is it a cheap buy it, but its an amazing super high grade set.  This 263 card set grades out at...

Our first football release is here.. and not only is it a cheap buy it, but its an amazing super high grade set. 

This 263 card set grades out at NM overall, with very few cards below that. 

8 cards are graded all by SGC. Including a Gem Mint 10 card!!!!


After the set break, we will also random off $50 in break credit to all participants!

Be sure to sign up for our rewards program. There are plenty of ways to earn free rewards in there! 

This break will be scheduled when full. Results will be available on here, our facebook page, and youtube. We can also email out results. 

The graded cards in this break are


# 59 Alan Page RC SGC 86

#81 Gene Washington SGC 98

#90 OJ Simpson RC SGC 84

#114 Bubba Smith RC SGC 86

#162 Larry Csonka SGC 86

#169 Gary Collins SGC 96

#180 Johnny Unitas SGC 84

#260 Calvin Hill RC SGC 84

 RESULTS - Link for verified random for break.. https://giveaways.random.org/verify/smacns ( only works for 30 days after the break )

113 LANCE RENTZEL Chris Prock
124 LEN HAUSS Chris Prock
126 RANDY JOHNSON Chris Prock
139 CRAIG MORTON Chris Prock
145 CHARLEY TAYLOR Chris Prock
157 CLIFTON MCNEIL Chris Prock
166 BILLY KILMER Chris Prock
173 WALT SWEENEY Chris Prock
179 MIKE GARRETT Chris Prock
194 RON SNIDOW Chris Prock
225 JACKIE SMITH Chris Prock
240 LANCE ALWORTH Chris Prock
253 LES JOSEPHSON Chris Prock
1 LEN DAWSON Chris Prock
15 BOB VOGEL Chris Prock
16 BILL PETERSON Chris Prock
19 JIM BEIRNE Chris Prock
39 STEVE TENSI Chris Prock
52 MEL FARR Chris Prock
56 JIM SHORTER Chris Prock
59 ALAN PAGE Chris Prock
84 JOHN CHARLES Chris Prock
162 LARRY CSONKA Dan Mahlan
177 JIM HART Dan Mahlan
178 BOB BROWN Dan Mahlan
193 JOE SCARPATI Dan Mahlan
211 HOWARD FEST Dan Mahlan
234 JIM BUTLER Dan Mahlan
237 MERLIN OLSEN Dan Mahlan
245 JIM JOHNSON Dan Mahlan
248 BOBBY MAPLES Dan Mahlan
251 BEN DAVIDSON Dan Mahlan
254 DON MAYNARD Dan Mahlan
10 BOB GRIESE Dan Mahlan
21 DAVE LLOYD Dan Mahlan
32 JERRY RUSH Dan Mahlan
36 PAUL COSTA Dan Mahlan
40 TOMMY NOBIS Dan Mahlan
44 JACK SNOW Dan Mahlan
45 MEL RENFRO Dan Mahlan
54 JOHN ELLIOTT Dan Mahlan
83 BILL BROWN Dan Mahlan
86 ROYCE BERRY Dan Mahlan
98 BEN HAWKINS Dan Mahlan
107 RAY MANSFIELD David Ayers
111 JIM HUNT David Ayers
208 DAVE WILLIAMS David Ayers
232 CARROLL DALE David Ayers
262 ED WEISACOSKY David Ayers
112 LARRY STALLINGS erik tjolsen
119 GEORGE BUTCH BYRD erik tjolsen
122 DAVE COSTA erik tjolsen
136 DAN DARRAGH erik tjolsen
146 JOHN HUARD erik tjolsen
152 KENNY GRAHAM erik tjolsen
153 DON HERRMANN erik tjolsen
154 BOBBY BELL erik tjolsen
169 GARY COLLINS erik tjolsen
185 DENNIS PARTEE erik tjolsen
190 DICK BUTKUS erik tjolsen
191 AL BEMILLER erik tjolsen
192 DICK WESTMORELAND erik tjolsen
206 RUSS WASHINGTON erik tjolsen
219 GARLAND BOYETTE erik tjolsen
224 HARRY SCHUH erik tjolsen
244 NICK BUONICONTI erik tjolsen
256 MAC PERCIVAL erik tjolsen
260 CALVIN HILL erik tjolsen
26 ROLF KRUEGER erik tjolsen
30 BART STARR erik tjolsen
33 LEN ST. JEAN erik tjolsen
51 JIM LYNCH erik tjolsen
77 ED BUDDE erik tjolsen
90 O.J.SIMPSON erik tjolsen
226 GERRY PHILBIN Gary Giancarli
134 BENNIE MCRAE James McMullen
249 ALEX KARRAS James McMullen
2 DOUG HART James McMullen
72 HAROLD JACKSON James McMullen
91 MIKE HOWELL James McMullen
97 DICK POST James McMullen
105 JOE MORRISON James Terwilliger
106 DICK EVEY James Terwilliger
118 RICK REDMAN James Terwilliger
125 DEACON JONES James Terwilliger
131 GALE GILLINGHAM James Terwilliger
142 TOM MATTE James Terwilliger
147 DAVE OSBORN James Terwilliger
182 BOB JETER James Terwilliger
184 EARL GROS James Terwilliger
195 EARL MCCULLOUCH James Terwilliger
199 CHARLIE SMITH James Terwilliger
204 WALT SUGGS James Terwilliger
207 WOODY PEOPLES James Terwilliger
212 JACK CONCANNON James Terwilliger
218 WALTER ROCK James Terwilliger
238 FRED COX James Terwilliger
243 TONY BAKER James Terwilliger
252 MIKE STRATTON James Terwilliger
6 DAN CONNERS James Terwilliger
8 ERICH BARNES James Terwilliger
13 HARRY JACOBS James Terwilliger
43 ELVIN BETHEA James Terwilliger
48 BOB DEMARCO James Terwilliger
49 STEVE DELONG James Terwilliger
50 DARYLE LAMONICA James Terwilliger
53 BOB LONG James Terwilliger
74 DAVE PARKS James Terwilliger
228 CHUCK HOWLEY jarrod brolsma
241 CHUCK HINTON jarrod brolsma
216 PAUL MARTHA Jim Ferguson
60 JIM NANCE Joseph Case
89 JERRY LEVIAS Joseph Case
95 RICH JACKSON Joseph Case
99 KEN REAVES Joseph Case
116 JIM OTTO Kelly Osborne
121 CHUCK WALTON Kelly Osborne
127 RALPH HECK Kelly Osborne
129 JOHNNY ROBINSON Kelly Osborne
135 PAUL WARFIELD Kelly Osborne
159 DON HORN Kelly Osborne
168 BILL BERGEY Kelly Osborne
174 GREG LARSON Kelly Osborne
187 MARTIN BACCAGLIO Kelly Osborne
198 MIKE CURRENT Kelly Osborne
200 SONNY JURGENSEN Kelly Osborne
203 RICHIE PETITBON Kelly Osborne
209 JOHN ZOOK Kelly Osborne
242 JERRY SMITH Kelly Osborne
250 JOE KAPP Kelly Osborne
259 BOB BERRY Kelly Osborne
20 LEROY KELLY Kelly Osborne
27 ROLAND LAKES Kelly Osborne
34 RANDY EDMUNDS Kelly Osborne
42 ANDY RICE Kelly Osborne
64 TOM BEIER Kelly Osborne
71 LEE ROY JORDAN Kelly Osborne
73 JOHN HADL Kelly Osborne
78 BEN MCGEE Kelly Osborne
80 FRAN TARKENTON Kelly Osborne
109 BRUCE GOSSETT Mike Yaufman
160 LARRY WILSON Mike Yaufman
9 CHECKLIST Mike Yaufman
67 SAM BRUNELLI Mike Yaufman
75 LEM BARNEY Mike Yaufman
120 GEORGE WEBSTER Paul Bristol
132 CHECKLIST Paul Bristol
149 LARRY HAND Paul Bristol
150 JOE NAMATH Paul Bristol
151 TOM MACK Paul Bristol
197 BOB LURTSEMA Paul Bristol
210 TOM WOODESHICK Paul Bristol
213 JIM MARSHALL Paul Bristol
217 KEN WILLARD Paul Bristol
222 DAVID LEE Paul Bristol
227 ERNIE KOY Paul Bristol
233 GENE HICKERSON Paul Bristol
247 FRED DRYER Paul Bristol
257 GEORGE GOEDDEKE Paul Bristol
258 HOMER JONES Paul Bristol
5 HARMON WAGES Paul Bristol
35 MATT SNELL Paul Bristol
55 RAY NITSCHKE Paul Bristol
82 LARRY GRANTHAM Paul Bristol
94 LARRY SEIPLE Paul Bristol
137 PAUL ROBINSON Richard Moise
101 DAVE ROWE Ricky Howard
104 JIM TURNER Ricky Howard
133 CHUCK WALKER Ricky Howard
165 HAVEN MOSES Ricky Howard
167 TIM ROSSOVICH Ricky Howard
176 GEORGE SAUER JR. Ricky Howard
181 TOM REGNER Ricky Howard
188 CHARLES LONG Ricky Howard
215 DAN ABRAMOWICZ Ricky Howard
235 GREG COOK Ricky Howard
261 WILLIE WOOD Ricky Howard
12 GEORGE SEALS Ricky Howard
18 BILLY TRUAX Ricky Howard
22 MIKE TILLEMAN Ricky Howard
38 ROY HILTON Ricky Howard
47 GARY BALLMAN Ricky Howard
61 GLEN RAY HINES Ricky Howard
62 JOHN MACKEY Ricky Howard
63 RON MCDOLE Ricky Howard
65 BILL NELSEN Ricky Howard
68 JACK PARDEE Ricky Howard
69 BRIG OWENS Ricky Howard
76 JOHNNY ROLAND Ricky Howard
130 JOHN BRODIE Scott Jochim
138 ED PHILPOTT Scott Jochim
214 JON MORRIS Scott Jochim
231 BILL THOMPSON Scott Jochim
236 LEE ROY CAFFEY Scott Jochim
31 DAVE GRAYSON Scott Jochim
41 PETE CASE Scott Jochim
70 GALE SAYERS Scott Jochim
79 KEN BOWMAN Scott Jochim
92 KEN GRAY Scott Jochim
110 BOB TRUMPY Scott Mastin
114 BUBBA SMITH Scott Mastin
24 LARRY BROWN Scott Mastin
28 DICK HOAK Scott Mastin
57 DAVE WILCOX Scott Mastin
100 ROMAN GABRIEL Steve Martin
102 DAVE ROBINSON Steve Martin
103 OTIS TAYLOR Steve Martin
117 BO SCOTT Steve Martin
123 AL DODD Steve Martin
128 EMERSON BOOZER Steve Martin
140 TOM DEMPSEY Steve Martin
141 AL NELSON Steve Martin
143 DICK SCHAFRATH Steve Martin
155 HOYLE GRANGER Steve Martin
158 MICK TINGELHOFF Steve Martin
161 TOM NEVILLE Steve Martin
163 DOUG BUFFONE Steve Martin
164 CORNELL GREEN Steve Martin
170 FLOYD LITTLE Steve Martin
171 TOM KEATING Steve Martin
175 CARL ELLER Steve Martin
180 JOHNNY UNITAS Steve Martin
183 GAIL COGDILL Steve Martin
186 CHARLIE KRUEGER Steve Martin
189 BOB HAYES Steve Martin
196 JAKE KUPP Steve Martin
201 MIKE CURTIS Steve Martin
202 AARON BROWN Steve Martin
205 ROY JEFFERSON Steve Martin
220 BUCK BUCHANAN Steve Martin
221 BILL MUNSON Steve Martin
223 KARL NOONAN Steve Martin
229 BILLY SHAW Steve Martin
239 NATE RAMSEY Steve Martin
263 JIM TYRER Steve Martin
3 VERLON BIGGS Steve Martin
4 RALPH NEELY Steve Martin
11 ED FLANAGAN Steve Martin
14 MIKE HAFFNER Steve Martin
23 GARY GARRISON Steve Martin
25 JAN STENERUD Steve Martin
37 MIKE PYLE Steve Martin
58 ERIC CRABTREE Steve Martin
66 PAUL FLATLEY Steve Martin
87 BOB LILLY Steve Martin
88 EARL MORRALL Steve Martin
96 ROCKNE FREITAS Steve Martin
115 NORM SNEAD Steven Chereska
144 WILLIE BROWN Steven Chereska
148 GENE MINGO Steven Chereska
172 PAT FISCHER Steven Chereska
93 CHRIS HANBURGER Steven Chereska


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